The aim of Blooms CBD Cafe is to provide a relaxing experience for all customers. We are passionate ourselves about CBD products, and we want to spread the love of CBD so that more people can see the benefits that it brings us!

We also love coffee, and educating people about how they can best use CBD based on what they want to use it for.We thought that a café would give us a great opportunity to do this, and give us a good chance to interact with our customers.

We pride ourselves in only providing the highest quality products, in our CBD, Coffee and food. Each CBD product is tested to make sure that we fall within the 0.2% THC limit for food products in Europe, and we make sure that it’s of the highest possible quality for our customers.

Our coffee is provided by Badger & Dodo in Cork, with a varying selection of daily roasts. We love coffee, so we make sure that all of our coffee is made with care to make sure you love it too!

The fact that we constantly look to give the best experience, and the best information possible to all of our customers, means that we are always open to chat about any questions or suggestions that you may have!

You can contact us via any of our social media such as Facebook and Instagram, or you can contact us by our Contact web page.

Of course, you could also drop in to the shop in person and have a cup of coffee and chat with us about whatever you want!